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High school furniture does not need to be colorful or expensive. It has to be durable, functional, and efficient in order to protect students. Theo Kids has a broad range of leading high school furniture solutions that will help students to gain comfortable and rewarding 21st century learning experience.

Everyone knows how quickly the education landscape is growing. That’s why our high school essentials keep in step with the switching demands of active learning.

Following features are essential for high school furniture

  • Durable

Theo Kid’s high school furniture will have a 10-years warranty. One has to experience a lot of wear and tear on school furniture with children persistently moving around, the furniture will be in heavy use for a longer period of time each day.

  • Functional

Theo Kid’s furniture has been designed of unique functionality that a school environment expects of it. The furniture is moving and stackable, it helps to make it easy to adjust the capacity of a classroom, and then you can store the furniture when it’s not in use.

  • Activity Based

The learning experience at school in the 21st century is far more powerful and customised compared to past education. Theo Kids range of highschool furniture takes this into account, and can be easily utilised towards a range of distinct learning objectives.

  • User-friendly

Children need to sit in chairs for longer periods of time and also they need to work over desks every day, so ergonomics are very important, not only their comfort is concerned but also for their general physical health. Theo Kid highschool furniture has been designed in such a way that it can be used for the whole day, and to help protect students.

At Theo Kids, we have a long legacy in supplying high school furniture throughout India, and we take pride in understanding the requirements of our clients. We are always available to discuss schools objectives or requirements, it will help to develop a furniture plan. Contact us today on 9820032921 to start discussing and place an order for purchase to enhance educational outcomes.

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