Play School Furniture

Theo School Furniture has gained fame as reliable manufacturers and suppliers from Mumbai of Playschool Furniture in India. Our preschool furniture’s superior quality, durability, elegant design, good ergonomics are appreciated by clients and it is ideal for the little kids of a play school. These include highschool furniture, educational toys, teaching aids, indoor play equipment, rideon & rockers, outdoor play equipment, play mats etc.

Our play school products are designed and manufactured under brand name Theo Kids and we use high grade raw materials, wood, boards, lead-free paint etc. to make sure they are safe and comfortable for the kids. We are based in Mumbai and our products are sought throughout India.

Our wide arrangement of playground systems are a combination of many playground equipment like climbers, seesaw, Slides & Swings among others. Theo Kids is based out of Mumbai, Andheri region with satisfied clients all over India.

Choose the Best Kindergarten Furniture Manufacturer in India

Choosing Preschool Furniture is a really very hard task because the needs and requirements for them frequently vary. It is very essential to provide them with a colourful, comfy and comfortable Environment & furniture for sitting and completing their tasks. In abroad  they use innovative colourful well designed furniture in schools especially for kindergarten students. They provide their small kids a good environment in the school atmosphere. According to that, we need to design creative as well as innovative Kindergarten Furniture also with lots of great features which suit school children the best.

Features required for Kindergarten Furniture Manufacturer:

  • The use of non-poisonous colors on furniture makes pleasing and child friendly kindergarten furniture. 
  • Furniture must be safe and durable, built to withstand generations of usage.
  • Kindergarten Furniture must be designed in such a way that a child should feel comfortable. Good quality furniture plays a very important role here. This is the reason kindergarten School Furniture is available in a plenty of designs to attract and capture the minds of the children.
  • Need to be strong in construction and re manufactured as per the set quality standards.
  • Every child in kindergarten wants to be in a colorful environment so it is really very essential to design and manufacture their school furniture with a colorful mindset.
  • As they are too small and love to do work with the same age group so the furniture should be made in that position where they can sit comfortably with their group.

There are many leading companies in India. They provide a variety of high quality School Desks & Benches, Indoor Playground Equipment for children, Modular School Furniture, educational toys, wall stickers and high quality Teaching Aids. You can easily find a leading manufacturer of school furniture in India but you have to verify whether it suits your requirement or not. Theo School Furniture is the best and trustworthy manufacturer for kindergarten school furniture. Yes, of course it is not an easy task to set a healthy environment for kids but now it is pretty easy with the creative & colorful furniture.