Teaching Aids

We know that today's age is the age of innovation, science and technology. The teaching as well as learning programs have also been affected by it. The process of teaching - and learning completely depends upon the types of equipment available in the classroom.

Need of Teaching Aids

1) Every student has the tendency to forget frequently. Proper use of teaching aids helps in retaining concepts permanently.

2) Students can learn more when they are motivated duly through various teaching aids. It helps to have deep insights.

3) Teaching aids help develop, learn and grasp the matter and the concepts easily.

4) With the help of teaching aids it creates a proper image in the minds of students.

5) Teaching aids help to increase the vocabulary and helps to learn faster and accurately for the students.

6) Teaching aids also help the teacher to get some knowledge and make learning permanent.

7) Teaching aids help to gain direct experience to the students.

Teaching aids can be classified as:

  1. Traditional Aids

  Teaching and Learning concepts using books, periodicals, Blackboard or Chalkboard etc.,

  1. Visual Aids

   Visual aids means adding knowledge to the students through the figures, charts, posters, model, graph or any other kind of graphics such as diagrams, cartoons, cut-outs, notice board, globe, objects, pictures, map etc. 

  1. Mechanical Aids
  • Audio: The aids that involve the sense of hearing are called Audio aids for example teaching machine, radio, tape recorder etc.,
  • Visual: The aids which use sense of vision are known as Visual aids for example motion picture, projector, epidiascope, filmstrips, etc.
  • Audio-Visual: The aids which involve the sense of vision and hearing are called Audio-visual aids. For example Video, cassetters, films, television etc.